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Service Bulletin #2 - Water Damage

Posted by Power Up on 1/28/2011

Field Failure: The entire Power Touch System stopped working, all controls and lights are dead.

Unit: New truck in service for only 4 months.

Cause: The passenger side PDC was partially filled with water, and the electronics inside the enclosure had shorted out.

Diagnosis: The PDC-12 was mounted inside the truck's toolbox with the cable glands at the top of the enclosure, upside down.  Cables entering the box acted as a funnel directing condensation or other moisture directly into the equipment's enclosure.  The Enclosures watertight lid prevented the water from draining out of the box.  Water continued to collect inside the box until the electronics were submerged and the electronics were irreparably damaged.

Field Service: The entire PDC had to be replaced, remounted and the associated truck harness wiring rerouted.

Recommended Corrective Action: Installation of PowerUp Products electronic equipment shall only be into locations that are protected from the weather, and so orientated that the cable glands are pointed down. Any cable approaching the equipment will be installed with a formed Drip Loop immediately before entering the enclosure.  After installation the cover and the cable glands need to be closed tight to provide protection against dirt and moisture.

For more information on Drip Loops read PowerUp Product's Technical Bulletin # 2 on drip loops or any standard trade book on electrical wiring.

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