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Service Bulletin #4 - Connector Crimps

Posted by Power Up on 1/28/2011

Service Bulletin #4


Field Failure: The entire Power Touch system will not function, all lights are dead.

Unit: 7035 New, Assembled at Miller Plant - TN.

Cause: The power cable to the passenger side PDC was open at the circuit breaker.

Diagnosis: The crimp on the cable connector was insufficient to provide a secure mechanical connection. Heat shrink tubing applied to the assembly covered the connector holding the wire and connector together. Vibration, arcing, and or moisture eventually developed corrosion inside the assembly until the electrical connection between the wire and connector failed.

Field Service: Customer installed new connector on the battery power cable.

Recommended Corrective Action: Installation of cable connectors shall only be done with an approved ratcheting crimp tool specifically designed for the size wire and connector used.

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Chris Date 4/1/2020
Hey guys. I've got the power pal Vulcan on a used truck we just got. No wireless control and the wired one didn't work, but we had a spare wireless and was able to program it just fine, and it works great. The wired pad tho still doesn't work. Push the switch to wired position and the light on the controller comes on, but there is no response in the PDC when any buttons are pressed. Any input on where to start looking for a problem?
Power Up Products Date 4/1/2020
Hey Chris, I have my technician emailing you in order to get in contact with you so that we can troubleshoot this over the phone. If you call 1-800-769-3749, a technician will be able to assist you with our products. I appreciate you reaching out to us on this matter.
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