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Technical Service Bulletin #2 - Drip Loop

Posted by Power Up on 1/28/2011

Technical Bulletin #2


PowerUp Products recommends the practice of using a Drip Loop when installing wiring into any electrical equipment. A Drip Loop is a mechanical strain relief formed by bending an extra length of wire into a, hand sized, downward loop just before it enters into the equipment’s cabinet.  This functions to prevent moisture from entering the cabinet by directing any water splash or condensation that collects on the wire to run away from the equipment and drip off safely. 

The famous American Legend of June 1752 has Benjamin Franklin capturing electricity with a kite and a key in a glass jar.  Records of his various writings show that he was quite aware of the danger in mixing electricity with water.  That's why he also figured out a way to protect people, buildings, and ships from it with a lightning rod.  Following on his work the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has published some regulations specifically to ensure safety around electrical equipment, a small excerpt of which follows.

Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) PART 1910 –

Enclosures for damp or wet locations;

Cabinets, fittings, and boxes; Cabinets, cutout boxes, fittings, boxes, and
panel board enclosures in damp or wet locations shall be installed so as to
prevent moisture or water from entering and accumulating within the enclosures.
In wet locations the enclosures shall be weatherproof.

Though Modern solid-state electronics are increasingly rugged and reliable, intelligent electrical wiring practices still need to be followed.   By providing electronic equipment protection against water damage, short-circuits, corrosion and other dangers can be easily avoided.

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